A Little About Me

Juss Meko, who?!

Hey, my name is Umeko, but everyone i know calls me Meko. Hence the name, Juss Meko. you Will become apart of my little family so just call me Meko :)

A little about myself... I’m a wife to a wonderful husband, and mother of 2 beautiful children, one boy and one girl whom I’m sure you will grow to know here soon. I have always loved writing! I used to write a good bit of poetry (in my younger, less wife-mom busy type of days). I, at one point in life, even attempted to compose music in the form of rap (Fail!😆🙄).

Now being a little more mature and secure in who I’ve become through knowing Christ Jesus, i know where these thoughts and ideas can be focused.. family life and natural hair care!

Over the last five to seven years, I've seemed to have developed a natural knack for natural hair, and hair has always been one thing that I’ve consistently been passionate about in my several different life stages. Although this is continuing to develop in my life as God sees fit, i know that there is so much to do and learn so I eagerly invite you all along for the ride!